Show an overview of pricing plans.

Style Audit

Step 1


* Identify your personal style * Identify what you feel your
   challenges are.
* Discuss your specific needs, * Discuss your goals.
* Discuss your body type and
  what shapes and colors 
  work best for you.

Personalize and Stylizie

Step 1 and 2 


After your Style Audit
Assess your current wardrobe

* Discuss and decide
    -what to keep,
    -what might need
   - what you might want to
      donate or consign

* Make a list of Items you
  might want to balance your
  wardrobe with.

* Show you multiple outfit
   options you already have
   and what you can do to
   keep your look on trend!  

Seasons of Change 

Steps 1 and 2 plus every 3 months


So to summarize what is included with this service:

* Your own go-to personal
   stylist dedicated to you and     your wardrobe.

* Fun, productive stress-free

    Your year  includes:

     *2  Personalize and
           Stylize sessions for 
           differing seasons 

    *1 *Custom Shop and
          Style  session

  This is the perfect way to
  create, maintain and
  accentuate your wardrobe
  all year.

* Custom Shop and Style 
 (2 hour Session.)
   This can be for outfits for
   travel, shopping for a
   specific event, an
   accessories shopping trip
   or  on-line shopping guide, 
   you can choose!